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Dear,I'm trying to set up new variable on the agent layout, but after of configured on Administrator Finesse, was configured the router script calling the new layout, but don't show the new layout after the enter of call.I want a help to verify the t...

Hey.Which javascript function kan i use to get the QueueName of an active Call. In CAD the agent could see which queue the call was coming from, but they can't see it in FinesseAs i can see in the js file i should be able to make a call something lik...

Resolved! VXML Documentation

I'm looking for VXML documentation that details the Cisco supported VXML elements, properties etc. (Not the Call Studio guide).Anyone got a working link?The link I used to use was

Hi I am trying to request a xml permalink report data via the example Finesse 11 Web Service Example. I have simply edited the JS file and added my own URL however the script is appending a nocache=XXXXXX on the end of the report URL and this is not ...

Hi My customer needs a CVP VXML IVR PORTS REPORT. My customer needs to know what is its port utilization per time interval.Cisco Templates for CVP does not include any report like that.Are there any report like that?I hope you can help me.Regards.

Resolved! Webservice issue

I am attempting to connect to a webservice in Studio 10.5 using the standard Webservice element.  I have the wsdl loaded and the request and response configured.  The calls  exit out the error path and I can't determine if it's the wsdl itself or som...

We have a custom java voice element that uses the CVP Foundation Classes Java API to code an inline speech grammar as follows:  VGrammar speechGrammar = VGrammar.getNew(pref);speechGrammar.setSpeechInline(new String[] {"red", "pink", "orange"}, new S...

We upgraded CUIC from version 10.5 to 11.0. After the upgrade we hit a bug (CSCvd22426), which renders the CUIC Server unusable when an underlying ANI Value List is executed, and the CUIC Server has to be rebooted to resolve the issue. Basically CUIC...

chake6000 by Beginner
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Hi. I am using Cisco Finesse (11.5) and ECE. I have configured a Finesse Gadget which dynamic depending on a call variable that is passed via the ECE chat using the the Media dialog/queue (<mediaId>5000</mediaId>).I would like to further enrich the g...

sylvester by Beginner
  • 10 replies
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Hi all,We have an in house CRM and planning to make use of email routing and assignment by UCCX-SocialMiner. Instead of displaying the email to the agents in the default Finesse email gadget, we are planning to display the email directly in our web b...

lohjintiam by Enthusiast
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