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Dear Community,I have a one way audio scenario on hard phones but soft phones on the same location dont have an issue. Where could I start tshooting this? Inbound calls dont have an issue just outbound.I have a third party gateway not the cisco route...

isaaco001 by Level 3
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Dear All, A quick question. I want to remove an NTP reference from CUCM which is not in use from long time now, may I know the best & easiest method to trace the dependency and remove it safely? CUCM Version: 9.1.2 For your information, I am not seei...

Syed by Level 3
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Hello, I am setting up Cisco 840 Wireless phone i was able to get it registered and able to dial out and within. However i have a couple issues i am trying to hash out with these.I uploaded the sip840- file to the tftp file mana...

rtarson by Level 1
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I'm struggling to get my CP-840 phone to recognize any certificate that I upload into the device. After finally getting a .p12 formatted cert uploaded, when I go to connect to my enterprise Wi-Fi, the dropdown menu for 'CA Certificate' doesn't show t...

Hello, I believe we need to enable SHA512 on our Call Manager server I went to upload COP file for CP-840 phone which has a file type of SHA512 and it shot back a message stating "No valid upgrades found. The first node (publisher) must be upgraded b...

rtarson by Level 1
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