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How to pick up the call which is broadcatsed through paging system in Cisco environment.

Hi, I have CUCM 10.5.2.and Unity Connection 10.5.1 We have a paging system configured through VG224 by providing one extension. During the off hours, only 3 or 4 supervisors would be there in site who will roam across the floors, being an emergency ...

Resolved! Testing VM with Unity Connection

Hi, Say we had an older unity connection that was up and running and we were trying to test the voicemail part on our new unity connection appliance which as yet had not been licensed, should I be able to redirect my VM to the new system for testing...

CP3905 cannot bootup

Hi, I have a problem on booting up CP3905. After pluggin in, the light turning red and the LCD shows 'Image downloading from Fail' and then 'Image downloading from Fail'. When I tried to assign a 192.168.1.X address via a D...

After restarting license server(cluster's publisher) the license unit report recognises 0 units

Hello, In a cluster of two cucm version 8 servers, we restarted the publisher server. The cluster is up and running for 5 years now and the servers have been through many restarts. Yesterday after restarting the license/publisher server and when pub ...

CME Licenses

Hi Guys i want to ask about  all the license i need to setup cme in my site, and if i have many sites and i will configure srst at branches, i will need any more specific license ? and if i will connect my CME to other CUCM Network , i will need any ...

Resolved! Shared line vs Hunt Group

Dear All, I have service desk with 10 members and I am using shared line and all is working fine. But I would like to go for hunt group because I can choose call algorithm accordingly. So, may I know the advantages & disadvantages or comparison betwe...

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