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Hey, guys. Can anyone provide simple "how to" for Corporate Directory service? I'd like for users to be able to open the directory on phones and located users extensions. I've synced to LDAP under "directory number alias lookup and sync". I'm unable ...

A question regarding what different between PVDM 4 that installed on Motherboard and on NIM card . The below note from cisco There is only one PVDM slot on the motherboard. The Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) cards can not use the motherboard PVDMs....

yun zhang by Level 1
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hello all,  i have intergrted  cumc 10.5.2 and paging 9.1.1 .when i dial paging no, all the phones speakers are lightup as  expected, we are not able to carry voice brodcast over the phone. issue seems to be with mutlicast routing as per google  .any...

Resolved! Multiple FXO ports

Hi everybody, Ours is a very small setup with only one outside line connecting to voiceport,  we are having auto attendant configured. Now we are adding one more FXO line to our network, but when call comes on that line, all the calls should be forwa...

1- 3905 , the status stuck on registration and when we tried to access the setting it asked about passowrd? 2- 7821: stuck on registration , when we press setting we got XML Parse Error[4] 2911 , cme 10.5 we have issue on registration the following:...

mkhriesa by Level 1
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Hi, We have a project of creating a seprate subnet for VOIP phones where we are having some issues and need some assist. In current scenario, the VOIP phones, VOIP Server and the machines are placed on default VLAN (1) ( where the GW o...

Hello. In our network we have SBC CUBE implemented on ASR1002F platform IOS XE ver 15.4(3)S4. Some of our clients are not able to display a number during an incoming call due to client's system limitations. So the task was to add "display info" on SB...