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Resolved! Fail calling my Voicemail box internal and fail calling Auto Attendant

Hi There,  After we have moved from one service provider to another I have lost my voicemail calling and my auto attendant as I am not able to make calls any more to my voice mail number 199 internal and external and when I am calling that number usi...

SIP incoming/outgoing call failed. Reason: Q.850;cause=28;text="address incomplete"

Hi Experts,I am facing an issue where i am going to add a new sip range on the same physical trunk.We already had two ranges 2835XXX, 2438XXX and there is one more new range need to be added.Scenario is Phones(SIP/SCCP) ----> CUCM ---siptrunk---> UBE...

Resolved! CME Directory advice. Need to create a separate directory for two different departments

running CME 8.6 and I received a request from client... they want two different local directories... one separate for the Accounting group and another for the Billing dept. Only members of the Accouting dept will see the acctounting directory and sam...