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Hi,A customer of us used CUCM 6. We've upgraded them to 8.0.For a phone that does a call forward on busy to a huntgroup users used to see the originally called number and could answer the phone accordingly.Ex. 4 phones in a department that call forwa...

etamminga by Spotlight
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I recently installed a new CP-8831 with two wireless microphones.  Everything works perfect except that callers on the other end report that it is hard to hear me until I literally hold one of the wireless microphones up in front of my mouth.  Is the...

s-mcclure by Beginner
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I have installed Cisco CUEAC 9.1. In User Configuration mode then in Queue MGMT option, i am unable to find Queue DDI option like as in previous version 8.6. We have following options.1. Name 2. Queue DDI3. Priority4. Saluation But in 9.1 version, we...

Hi,I have installed Cisco CUEAC 9.1, everything synced except DDI but Queue DDI option is not available. I tried to use Name as DDI but didn't work. But in Version 8.6 we have DDI Queue option right under Name option. I need support on this issue urg...

I have a 7962 with a 7914 attached.  The speed dials work, but the BLFs don't show the status of the in use line with a light.  On both the phone and the sidecar, the symbols are 4 little squares instead of phones like you would normally see.  I have...

MBGwho922 by Beginner
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