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I can't find anything documented about these dhcp packets the 9971 phones are sending out.  Anyone provide a URL?  Is there a way to turn them off on the 9971?  Running CUCM 9.1.1 and 9971 SIP load 9-4-1-9. 2911#debug ip dhcp server packetsApr 23 20:...

Jason Aarons by Frequent Contributor
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we would like to change the logo on all our phones but we would have to walk and touch every phone could i just name the new logo file the exact name as our old logo file upload the new file to cucm? or when i try to upload the new file with the same...

 Hi All, I am facing a problem related to my 7900 series phones.problelm is that we are upgrading our CUCM cluster form 8.0.3 to 9.1(2) and first step we download a firmware for 7942G series and try to installin our lab for our call center agent phon...

rshakee69 by Beginner
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