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MOH doest not works

Hello,   I have a simple setup with one core 3560 switch with 2 vlans Data 192.168.100.x and Voice 192.168.200.x and CME 4.1 installed on a  router 2801 with an IP address connected to it. My phones are registering well and I am able to ca...

skakfinn1 by Beginner
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Resolved! CUE Upgrade from 8.6.1 to 8.6.7 version

Hi,I am currenty running CUE (NME-CUE) version 8.6.1 on router 2851, I want to upgrade to version 8.6.7 (provide support CUCM 9.1).can somebody tell me In what case is used command "software install clean" and in what case is used command "software i...

TAN VO by Beginner
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Resolved! PVDM Combination in ISRs

Hi,I need to confirm that if i have PVDM2-32 installed in a Cisco 2801 router and i put another PVDM2-64 in the other slot ; will the total be 96?What i need to check is that i can put any combination of PVDM like 8,32,64 etc as far as i have an empt...

nomykhan by Beginner
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Port Usage Analyzer

                   Has anyone used this tool? Seeing some inconsistant data and I've already scanned two clusters. The objective is to see we are truly using the amount of voice mail ports that we have so we can lower our Gold Car cost. If any one is...

Resolved! why does a Cisco IP phone download It's configuration everytime it's switched on/powers up ?

            Hi. I'm not sure as to why the phone downloads It's config. via TFTP everytime it receives power.Is that a setting that can be changed or Is the config lost when the phone powers down ? I'm just curious as to what's going on exactly.

Reprovoid by Beginner
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