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CME 8.3 auto-attendant

Please give a link to the manual for the auto-attendant!I downloaded its-CISCO., but did not find (.AU music files) for it! My write:service autosec flash:its-CISCO. operator 1042paramspace english language enparamspace eng...

8941 Join Features

Hi All,I'm running to the problem with 8941 that I can't merge 2 active incoming calls together since 8941 does't have the "Join" Softkey. Even more, softkey customization is impossible for this model.Does anyone has the workarond for this ? Does it ...

somjade.p by Beginner
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SIP Trunk Help

My company is purchasing a 20Mb SIP trunk from our ISP. The ISP is providing a 2951 router that connects to their fiber ring. I have a few questions.Do I plug their router into a switch or into my voice gateway?If into my voice gateway, where can I f...

nkillgore by Beginner
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Resolved! cisco Jabber for window "Login failed - due to registration faliure". error

Dear All, We have CUCM 8.6 and CUPS 8.6.We installed cisco Jabber for window.Its fail to login "Login failed - due to registration faliure".CUCM is configurered but LDAP Authentication is not configured.Is it important to configur LDAP Authentication...

Resolved! Hunt group, list, pilot

Gentlemen,I basically set up our hunt group, list and pilot, calling the hunt pilot number works but...I need your humble oppinions and advice to the following:1. I tried using the same extension 2000 and it rings the phone and after a few rings it g...

Resolved! Cisco IP Phones registeration

I have a strange problem . I have 30 Cisco IP phones when i attached them to a Cisco switch , the IP phones can not able to register. When i replace these Cisco IP phones on other switch , it work fine and register successfully. The configuration are...

slaam2013 by Beginner
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6901 unknown to CM

All, I have a unique situation where a handful of Cisco 6901 IP phones are not registered to Call Manager, yet they have dial tone and can make outgoing calls. They cannot receive calls however. Running cdp shows the mac address of the phones and the...

jszapipes by Beginner
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Resolved! Choice of Media Resources

Greetings! I can't find anywhere information, based on which MRGL (callee or called) is happening determination which resources should be used. Also, do both sides have to have transcoder in their MRGL's, or one in any MRGL is good enough ?Thanks in ...