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Scenario:(using CUCM for phone and Unity for voicemail)If someone calls phone_A and phone_A does not answer,  the call is fordwarde to phone_B (cell phone) using "Remote Destination Profile Configuration / Remote Destination Configurati...

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I am opening this discussion because a confusion regarding a part number MCS7845I2-K9-CMC1 and its hardware support.Customer has a Cluster of 4 CManagers and all of them were Apliances MCS7845I2-K9-CMC1. We are trying to determine its CORRECT EOL for...

  Lab setup, not production.  Exploring to learn.Setup:  Analog phone -> PBX Emulator (Cisco 2811)PBX Emulator -> Near Side CME (tie line between them is FXS <-> FXO)Near Side CME -> Far Side CME via a SIP trunk2 x SCCP IP phones off Far Side CME.Sit...

Dear All,I have ordered upgrade kit for CCM 9 through PUT tool. I choose e-delivery option. I receive the upgrade confirmation from cisco.When I start to download the medi kit, it asks me for "K9 form". Did any one know what is this ?thanks in advanc...