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Resolved! Publisher request Recovery

Hi Guys,For the second time in 2 months we have problem with our publisher. Publisher is reachable via ping and SSH but doesn't working anymore.In console we have the following:WARNING: The /common file system is mounted read only. Please use Recover...

MOH for Remote Site

                   Hello,CUCM 8.x with remote sites and 2800 series routers at each site.  Phones register centrally.  Is there anyway to get MOH from an audio source that is local to the remote site instead of coming across the WAN?  Bandwidth is at...

Cisco 2811 voice capacity

HelloHardwareCisco 2811Flash 128Meg RAM 512MegIOS 124-24.T3 Card : VWIC2-2MFT-T1/E1 2 PVDM cards : PVDM2-32 and PVDM2-16Cisco is configured as a voice gateway I would like to know how many voice call the cisco 2811 can support with the codec G711ulaw...

dcharlois by Beginner
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SIP Trace Analysis

Hello all.I have a question regarding SIP Trace Analysis,When I am traking a SIP Trace (using Wireshark), is it anyhow possible to understand the INVITE messgae is re-routed or not.I mean ...Some VoIP Software have the function to set multiple Gatewa...