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hi,I have a lab setup with Cisco UCM 7.0.2 and i have two phones registered to the CUCM , one SIP and one SCCP phone.I have another 3rd party PBX with phones ringing these two phones. I want to enable SRTP and my main question is as follows:to activa...

This issue is when we set up a new user on the CUE. They press the MSG button put in the Default pin and start the Automatic Enrolment. the user will go through all the steps Personalising their msg. But when you call the extension and go to voicemai...

avanwyk by Level 1
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Hi all,I am plaaning for extra ip phone for our existe voice envinronmentI doubt between SPA504G and 7911G.In 7911G with one license can I activate three phone's, Thus one unit is three 7911G licenseBut with spa504G how many licence do i have per uni...

Hi All,Scenario:CUCM----SIP---gateway---BRI---PSTNWhenever we enable secure mode, the call never works. If we use non secure profile, it works fineThe difference i noticed is that , for failed calls, we see 200 ok with SDP from gateway, but CUCM resp...

berbekuub by Level 1
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Resolved! pvdm requirement

Hi,I am usning call manager 8.6.2 with voice gateway 2911. I am having a pvdm3 of 64 channels with single E1/PRI line on the gateway.now i want to use this pvdm for transcoding also and when I tried to configure the same then it is showing maximum se...

HelloI can understadn why I can't modify my call ID in local calls.Phone A (DN 7156) dial 887-1500, H323 make the call and applied a traslation rule.Oct 30 13:04:55 EDT: //-1/00FA1AE63403/RXRULE/regxrule_match: No match; number=7156 rule precedence=1...

When configuring the IPMA Service, the URL for the service "http://callmanager_ip_add:8080/ma/servlet/MAService?cmd=doPhoneService&Name=#DEVICENAME#" gives the following error "XML document must have a top level element. Error Processing Resource".Wh...