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                   Hello everyone,can anyone tell me the correct part number for  a PRI card that goes into a 2800 series router and above?  I am coming up with 3 different part numbers, all different.Thanks in advance.  All replies rated.

how to check  how many aa sessions can be configured on cue?when i use the command"show license status application",it showing the license of voicemail and ivr only.thankskavi

                   Hi there, we have lot of contacts in CUCM directory, when they call, the IP Phone only display the number. is any way to display external caller ID in the IP phone, if this user name is in the CUCM corporate directory? thanks in ad...

HelloWe are migrating the pub and 1 sub to UCS and had a question about the sub. Do we need to do a DRS of the sub and restore or can we just build the subscriber with same hostname and IP address and let the DB rebuild?Thanks