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I am having an issue with landing and inbound call through MGCP gateway to IP Phone that belongs to a partition 1ST-PT:PSTN->E1->2811->MGCP->CUCM 7.0.1->IP Phone1) As soon as I take out IP Phone from it's partition into <none>, inbound call lands jus...

UCCX redirect calls to extension, the reciever pickup the call and hears nothing - silence.He hangs up and get a second ring, he pickup the call and get connected.all the while the initiator hears ringback and obviously it takes unusually long time.T...

tom golan by Level 1
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HiOne of our client has C2911 router with CME. The telephony ver is 8.8.We installed an ISM module in the router but the AA does not accept DTMF tones. I will appreciate your sugegstions to help me fix this problem.CME#sh verCisco IOS Software, C2900...

hello everyonei use SIP 7942 connect to aspect core controller ,when i dial a keystoke i hear two DTMF tone but SIP 7940 is just one DTMF tone.here is the file form SCCP to SIP 7942 how can i resolve the problem

bo liu by Level 4
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I am trying to connect my old Bogen V100 Amp with a Tel1s module in the back to my Cisco Voice gateway.   I have wired it up and I tested the speakers are working.  But when I call my overhead paging number I get nothingAny idea is the module Bogen T...

ougwuoke by Level 1
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