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FXO PSTN Disconnection

Hi,We are currenlty having a problem with 2821 with a 4fxo not tell the PSTN ( Telstra ) that the call has end.     IP Phone <--- 2821 <---PSTN<---- Phone B          If the IP Phone hungup first, on a PSTN originated call, the PSTN network will not s...

Problem in IP calling between phones registered to CUCM 8.5.1 and H.323 gateway

Hi All,We have two call managers. In which one is Publisher (152.63.X.X) and other is Subscriber(172.27.X.X). Phones registered to Subscriber are able to call via 9@ NANP pattern, Where as when I dial from a phone which is registered to Publisher, I ...

Cisco Phone Proxy

Hello,For the phone-proxy to works properly does i need to put a certificate on the IP Phones?The Locally Significant Certificate must be manually installed on the IP Phone. Installing the LSC requires the use of at least two USB eTokens and the CTL ...

CUBAC queue association

hello,i've a cubac version and i want to associate an operator with a defined queue. but when i select "user configuration" -> "operator management" -> then i select a suitable operator, there is no queue association area as should be (accord...

CUEAC features / behaviour

Hi all,I've installed CUEAC with CUCM 7.1.3 and CUP 7.0.6. I've some troubles that i cannot understand if related to missing configuration steps or software limitations.1) Internal directory empty.How can i show the internal directory ( with ...