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Hi,Statistics for an Agent do not appear in the “Skill Agent Statistics Display” window panel on the Cisco Supervisor Desktop.( see the attachmant highlighted user is in CSD kill Groups - Skill Agent Statistics Display report does not show correct ag...

Hi,We currently have a Cisco 2901 CME with CUE. I'd like to know how to create an extension (i.e. 555) and have that forward to a front door paging unit we have connected to a voice port. The voice port's configuration is as follows. voice-port 0/2/0...

I am trying to understand the usage of DSPs in a gateway running CUBE.  Need expert. If I understand it correctly call comes in from vendor using codec A.I then have a call leg to CM sip trunk which I can have a codec class to negotiate codec A or co...

whanson by Level 2
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I got CCME 8.5 . When I have call using 6921 and speakphone, the other side hear the echo when talked, both internal and outbound call. Try upgrade the newest firmware, no use. Try to use the cisco 7942, work fine. Take 6921 register to CM, work fine...

eric.ling by Level 1
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