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Resolved! Intercom in 7.x

Per the help files the Intercom feature "sets up a one-way voice path between the initiator and the destination, so the initiator can deliver a short message, regardless whether the called party is busy or idle."  But later in the description is says...

Bytes Per Packet Formula

Dear Friends:I would like any could help me whit this subject, because I am turning crazy!In the bytes per packet formula, it says: bytesperpacket=(samplesize(s)*bandwith_codec(bps))/8.For example, with codec G.729 (8000 bps), the result will be: (0....

jaimedrq1 by Beginner
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CUCME ISDN PRI Configuration

Hi All,I managed to configure my DID with some configurations on each extension secondary number.My Telco captures the last 4 digits and tested it's successful.My users dial the prefix 9 followed by any outgoing number.For example, my current system ...

dennis by Beginner
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Busy Line

Hi, i have problem with CCME, i have two analog lines i connect them to fxo ports voice port 0/0/0 has number 444444voice port 0/0/1 has number 456789 anybody call at line extention 2001 rings normallythe problem is anybody pick up the phone and pres...

Disconnected call issue

Hi all,I'm experiencing a problem with CM 7.1.3. When incoming call through FXO port in MGCP gateway is hang up by the caller, status of softphone is still connected. The softphone user hear disconnect tone and i checked the MGCP gateway using show v...

minfonet by Beginner
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