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Calling Line Identificaton

I have a Call Manager Cluster (4.2.3SR3a) directly connected to the UK PSTN via H.323 trunks.Incoming call to an IP phone with CLI permitted. Called phone has CFWD ALL set to a users mobile phone. The users mobile phone displays the incoming CLI rat...

IP Phone Call History

Hello everyone,I've got a UC500 installation with two 7941 IP Phones and for some reason, there is no call history on the IP Phones. As such, the customer is unable to view his missed calls!Any idea what the problem might be ? I've also connected an...

911 calls drop automatically

I have a customer that uses the 911 service fairly often and when they are on the line for more than a 4-6 minutes, the calls terminate unexpectedly. The customer is using CM 3.3 with an MGCP controlled CAS T1 in the gateway. Any troubleshooting tips...

outlook calendar view

Hello,Does anybody know whether it is possible to visualize the outlook calendar of an Extension Mobility user on the phone where (s)he is logged into ?Perhaps via an XML service or possibly a third party ?Thanks for your feedback.Dirk

dcharlier by Beginner
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