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Hi folksIs there a way to send the dtmf attached on the sip invite, or in somewhere in the signaling process on an enbloc string like 81 1111 1111 - 1234 (where 81 1111 1111 is our did, and the 1234 is the dtmf)?Thank you in advance.

Hey all, I have a user that is wanting their voicemails to be picked up on their cell phone instead of their desk phone. Is there a way to make this function with 100% consistency? Currently each user with a work provided cell phone has a RD profile ...

jrdodson by Beginner
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Hi all, we have a CUBE that is choosing a new outbound dialpeer upon receiving a REFER. How can I get it to maintain its current connection? I've tried a few refer-related commands in the CUBE, hoping they would preserve the existing outbound connect...