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i have a 7940 that will not register with ccm. this is a new office install so there are no other phones that work. the phone is stuck on "configuring cm list". the phone has worked in another office on a different subnet. i noticed during the boot p...

Hi All;I bought CM 5.0 and I need to obtain license file. First I need to have PAK. when I bought CM, nothing came with CM. How can I get PAK first? and where can I find "license registration web tool" in cisco.com to have license file? thanks for yo...

within the same cluster is it possible to have multiple attendant console setups. For example you have attendant console setup for each branch office in different time zones and different main line office numbers. Also is there a license limit on the...

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I'm trying to use the bulk import tool to to import some users and i get an error "couldn't create user object" there is also info that the DC service isn't running. but i looked and that service is running.Thanks for your help.

Hi,I need to control a phone not associated to a CCM in .NET, but I do not know how could I do that. A solution would be to create an ITPhone object, but for it I need a line registered and, in my case, there are no possible line to control.Thanks.