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Hello!Everything worked fine for me, until I made a mistake in the dial plan: Instead of | 2_9 | I wrote ||2_9|, then I clicked on save.   Cisco hanging.   When I pick up the phone - the red diode does not light, when the button is clicked, the IVR d...

Hello,   Routing and switching guy with no insight into voice, need some assistance.   I need to have 8 polycom phones setup with PBX circuit on CME router which has CUE but does not have any configuration. All phones are setup with external carrier ...

I have a request to configure a call routing or flow as follows:   Inbound call from pstn arrives on PRI attached to Cisco IOS gateway.  The gateway is connected to Call Manager via SIP trunk.  The request is for the inbound call to a particular numb...

When I ring the pilot number internally for below hunt group, it works as anticipated with the call being passed between the two phones in the list before going to the final number. When I ring the pilot number from a mobile phone, the call cuts out ...

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