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7940 - Missed Calls - Edit Dial - E164

I have a Cisco 7940 connected to CUCM 8.6.  We recently switched over to a provider that sends a full E164 number of the caller.  If I miss the call and I want to re-dial I go into Directories, Missed Calls, and then click EditDial of the call I miss...

srpm by Beginner
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2911 to ISR4431 call

Hello, I have a new ISR4431 for voice. I have configured an ephone/ephone-dn on it. On another site, I have an already working CCME 2911 I try to make a call from one end to the other. On 2911 : dial-peer voice 4001 voip destination-pattern 265 ses...

dufour001 by Beginner
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Trying to connect a Jabra Biz 2400 II headset with a Jabra GN1216 phone adapter to my Cisco 7942 company phone

I am trying to connect a Jabra Biz 2400 II headset with a Jabra GN1216 phone adapter to my Cisco 7942 company phone. I have everything connected through to the headset jack on the phone and set the selector on the adapter to #3 as per the instruction...

Cisco 7861 phone does nothing when you press the corporate directory button: just blank screen and no error message

Hello everyone,  we recently deployed some Cisco 7861 (78xx.10-1-1SR1-4) phones running on cucm . What we have noticed is that after a while, the corporate directory stops working. But if we reboot the phone, it starts working again.  ...

Sarg . by Participant
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QoS config for 3750X

Hi all I have gone through the QoS documentation for Cisco C3750X and other posts on the form.  Managed to find answers to some of my questions but there are still few which need clarification please. We have non Cisco voice solution (Gateway and pho...

Zaaf Aba by Beginner
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RTMT Alerts

I keep getting the following alert e-mail from one of our clusters and am wondering exactly what is means, is it a real concern, what is the cause and what is the fix for this? Thanks to anyone who can provide an answer in layman's terms. Here's the...

MoH as ring indicator

Hello, We have a customer who wants to replace the ringtones with MoH. When someone calls them, they want the caller to hear MoH instead of ringing tones. It's possible? we try with hunt pilot activating queing, and with Call Handlers in Unity witho...