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We have a large CUCM cluster of 7 servers. Operations are 24/7 so no downtime is allowed. However we have resilience so can bring down 1 server at a time with no service loss. We need to go from 9.1 to 11.5 and also migrate to new hardware. (PCD not ...

pcromwell by Level 3
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Hello all,   We are in a scenario where our customer has IP phones on WAN-A with CUCM cluster hosted in a DC.  Customer will be moving to a new WAN-B and there will be NO IP connectivity for the IP phones in WAN-A to WAN-B (customer choice) except fo...

Peva13579 by Level 1
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Hello everyone. Have a weird issue with a single user this morning. All incoming calls are forwarding directly to voicemail. I checked all the casual things... the call forward settings and CSS, directory number settings, DND. None of those are in an...

SeverityMatch : CriticalMatchedEvent : Jan  2 07:22:47 CUC02 authpriv 2 sshd[29949]: pam_succeed_if(sshd:auth): error retrieving information about user mlm AppID : Cisco Syslog Agent ClusterID :  NodeID : CUC02 TimeStamp : Thu Jan 02 07:22:48 CST 201...

Hi ,   customer is using cisco call manager version10.5 and is configured for DNS.   they use open LDAP for LDAP integration and this openLDAP is load balanced with netscaller load balancer.   customer wants to use the FQDN of the LDAP for call manag...

Cucm 11.5 Cuc 11.0 I have set up using Forward Route Rules and Call Handlers and Schedules. But I have a site that isn't open every day routinely. But I've never seen anything about using a Night mode key. Can anyone offer suggestions, even if it's n...

Hi,   Can someone tell me how to change the display name of a 7821 phone from cucm? I did various methods such as changing the Display (Internal Caller ID) & ASCII Display (Internal Caller ID) andalso changing Description, Alerting Name, and ASCII Al...

kgilkes92 by Level 1
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