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i have purchased on AP from Amazon. But the software coverage status is "not entitled". The access point model number is "AIR- CAP3502I-A-K9". i need the autonomous (k9w7) and full lightweight IOS for the device. currently the device only has lightwe...

Odd functioning. We have some clients that have no issues with connecting and showing Run, while getting proper IP. Some clients just stagnate and drop. No MAC filtering, and clients all on same VLAN. Here is a log of one of those...any ideas why? I ...

Software: 17.06.04Hello,did the Day 0 Wizzard like described in the whitepaper:https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/collateral/wireless/embedded-wireless-controller-catalyst-access-points/white-paper-c11-743398.html#GettingstartedExceptions are tha...

marvin9876 by Level 1
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Hello,We have a WLC 9800-CL on 17.9.3 code, APs are running in flexconnect.I'm testing a 9120AXI AP, I have implemented WIFI6 802.11ax and tested on one Dell laptop, It's showing 1633/1922Mbps, DL/UL. Anyway it's limited by the switch port speed wher...

Clem58 by Level 3
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Hello,I am posting here to find out if you have any ideas about my problem when installing the CMX in version 10.6.3-70 following a crash (?) of the VM. The context is as follows for the MSE: - AIR-MSE-3365-K9 in BIOS Version C220M4.4.1.2e.0.061522...

RBordais by Level 1
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Can I use ap in two ap groups?I want to use different ssid on the ap. For exampleI have AP1-AP10 and I have ssid "GLOBAL"Now I want to add new ssid only for AP5, can I do it?SSID "GLOBAL" on the all ap's (1-10)SSID  "TEST" only on the ap5 

Hi AllWe will soon be replacing our wifi access points with 802.11ax models, we generally use Meraki.Do the new CW models run on both Meraki and Cisco controllers? will Meraki phase out the Meraki models and just end up with the CW models?Can anyone ...

I have bought 9105 axi access points in the hope of converting them to EWC, but the serial number does not mentione the EWC option ( others 9105 axi ap I bought had that EWC mentioned on them). So even if it isn't mentioned, will they be EWC capable?

admin213 by Level 1
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