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We had several AIR-LAP1131AG-N-K9 devices have a peculiar failure recently.About 10 total units failed in groups of 2-4. Each group was on the same 3560 switch, and they failed at the same time.Now all but one of the units will power and work properl...

krismoa13 by Beginner
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Our client has an iPad and is attempting to print to a wireless printer via a Cisco 1140. We have confirmed that both are on the same network and that the printer is AirPrint enabled but are still unable to print. I already troubleshot this with HP. ...

ccctac by Beginner
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I have a customer who is having issues with one SSID.  He claims that when he changes the PreShared Key, clients that had previously had the old key can connect, and new clients can connect with the new key.  When the PSK is chaned in the Layer2 sect...

I understand that WiFi Clients (Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops) connect with Access Points & Access Points connect physically with WLAN Controller.In order to have seamless roaming between different Access Points or WLAN Controllers, Mobility Controll...

Hello I have AP 1500, we are updating firmware using cisco prime but AP is on downloading state for so long ( 2 days - already reboot twice)Port Status - RF - 1 Solid Green // RF - 2 Solid Green // Uplink Solid greenAs per cisco documentation,  Solid...

Hello, since few weeks i configure my APs on the new WLC5508, and then, the lights are off on the AP, is it normal? however they seems to work fine.What does this light means? FW version: 7.0.22Is it important?Tx,B

We have NCS 1.1 and a MSE running 7.0.220. The auto backup of the MSE fails everytime due to not enough disk space. But if I go to the backup section of the MSE within NCS and manually run the backup it works. Any idea why the auto fails but not the ...

Hi, I have few 5508 controlers with version and i decided to upgrade to 7.4. I did an upgrade of software and FUS (AIR-CT5500-K9-1-7-0-0-FUS.aes) on three of them without any problems. But on the last one i cannot upgrade fus image.. I dowl...

Dear Support team,I have a Cisco 5508 setup an running with Cisco 3502 AP.with same SSIDhowever i need segment the network using 3-Diff VLANS:1. vlan 1-----students2. vlan2----- Visitors3.vlan3------ Staffthe students and visitor are not ment to logi...

okoroji80 by Beginner
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Hello another question, can i mangane a AP in 7.4 with a WLC in situation will be temporarly, time to upgrade my other WLC, i need to move them from 1 to another...Tx for an answer.B

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