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Resolved! WLC Upgrade

Hi,we have two WLCs in HA mode (8540 model), we're planning to upgrade them to latest version 8.10, so please your kind advice for below queries:1- is the version 8.10 stable? and can I upgrade directly from 8.5?2- during upgrade activity, is the APs...

Resolved! AVC feature on Cisco 2504

Hi Guys, I have tested AVC feature in lab on Cisco 2504 WLC. I created AVC profile where i created child class with drop/pass options. Then i mapped this profile on one SSID where my laptop and mobile was connected.   But problem i found there is no ...

Noovi by Beginner
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Resolved! AP's Not Connecting to WLAN Controller 2500

After factory resetting the AP's this is what i am getting...No connection to the WLC. This happened to two AP's out of 4.*Mar 1 00:00:13.514: %SOAP_FIPS-2-SELF_TEST_IOS_SUCCESS: IOS crypto FIPS self test passed (15)*Mar 1 00:00:13.517: *** CRASH_LOG...

JDT69RR by Beginner
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Intermittent authentication problems

Hi, On a WLC 8510 - - we have several clients that are sometimes unable to authenticate properly against a radius server.  We have multiple WLANs with 802.1x and CCKM enabled and clients logs in SSIDs with username and password. WLAN config...

Cat9800 psk issues

HiWe have a Cat9800 with some PSK SSIDs in WPA/WPA2 mode with FT Adaptive.  We occasionally see clients being excluded for “Wrong PSK” and on DNA Center the same is reported.  Seems simple enough.  However, the clients are remote so not easy to check...

KevinR99 by Beginner
  • 10 replies
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Cisco 5520 (RTU) License

Hi All,What happens if the RTU (Evaluation) license expires? Do I need to install permanent licenses to continue using the WLC. At the moment I only have  RTU - 1500 AP license operating (see image attached). After 3 weeks and the Evaluation RTU expi...

Jay233 by Beginner
  • 5 replies
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Resolved! init>> prompt on 2802i Access Point

Hello,we have a 2802i AP that keeps booting into init>> prompt:init>>Please choose one of the following boards:1. 3K2. 2K (new)3. 2K (proto)4. Milos5. 2KH6. 3KVE (v-sku)7. 3KH/3KA/4K8. Duploinit>> If I select 2. 2K (new) the AP boots normally and fun...

LeroyW by Beginner
  • 14 replies
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