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Hello i have many Cisco prime notifications like :Timestamp: 2022-11-11 14:58:20.933Message: Lightweight AP Operational Status (Wireless Status):This job has not started at scheduled time 2023-01-11 14:42:05.687 Failure Source:Can You tell more plase...

Med_Ben by Level 1
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Hey everyone, I just deployed a 9130AXI and the AP is running with 2.4Ghz, 5Ghz, and 5Ghz mode instead of the 2.4 and single 5Ghz 8x8. I wanted to try running in this mode as I think my environment will benefit more with this setup.  As I observe the...

Hi, May I know if the last letter of Catalyst 9120AXI-_ / 9120AXI-EWC-_ has any meaning or difference ? Thanks! C9120AXI-AC9120AXI-QC9120AXI-DC9120AXI-IC9120AXI-HC9120AXI-SC9120AXI-T C9120AXI-EWC-ZC9120AXI-EWC-GC9120AXI-EWC-D Todd

Hi,Best I explain my setup:We have 2x sites that we are using, 1x as our primary site and the other is what we call our backup site. They are located quite some distance from each other.At each of these sites I have a 5520 foreign wlc with a 3504 anc...

Hi,We are prepping to replace our LAN/WAN 5508's with a single 9800-L-F WLC in our data center.  Our APs will be a mix of 2802i and 9115's (all 3500 / 3600 APs will be replaced with 9115's when cutover occurs).The 5508's all are at IRCM v...

HI.. We have one AP 3500 series which not joined to the WLC. On the AP there are error *Jan 7 13:01:42.000: %CAPWAP-5-DTLSREQSEND: DTLS connection request sent peer_ip: peer_port: 5246*Jan 7 13:01:42.229: %DTLS-5-ALERT: Received FATAL ...

hs08 by Spotlight
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Hi All- I am moving from Prime Infrastructure to DNA Center and have discovered lots of little challenges in my day to day activities.  Here is the latest one i cannot figure out.  I have tried going in through the inventory module or by starting wit...

I have a number of Aironet 3502i WAP's and they all work fine. They get DHCP address from switch and allow clients, etc.All bar one allow console connection and show output on boot and command entry etc. so I need to find out why one of them would no...

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