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Coverage hole

What does a coverage hole means in this situatation:I have another AP that moves between 100% failed / 50% failed and 0% failed / 0% failedWhat is the best solution to fix this problem?

moudar123 by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco WLC - Find used mac address users

Using Cisco 5508 Wireless Controller. Users connect to the SSID by MAC-filtering. Over the period of years around 2000 Mac address has been added. Currently there could be only 300 to 400 active users.How to find list of MAC address connected or not ...

manvik by Beginner
  • 9 replies
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Roaming between AP group/RF group

I would like to ask if there are roaming dependencies/concerns when it comes from AP Group between Access Points to another AP group Access point with different RF Profile.would like to know if Access point identify their neighbor based on what AP gr...

FCnetwork by Beginner
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WLC C9800 - Unable to import pfx Certificate

Hi all, I'm unable to import a PCKS12 Device Mgmt certificate into my Wireless Controller C9800, unlike my previous 5508 WLC's there are now Trustpoints etc involved.The way we generate Certificates is we do not generate a CSR from the Device, rather...

Resolved! IOS-XE C9800: Show AP RRM RF neighbors

Hi wireless experts,is there any way to check the RRM RF neighbors of APs, which are associated to a C9800 WLC?I tried the command: "show ap name <AP-NAME> neighbor summary"However, this command lists all the BSSIDs the corresponding AP sees.wlc#show...

Changing Virtual IP from for CWA registration

We are running CWA wireless guest in a Foreign/Achor setup using two 9800 pointing to ISE 2.3.  We have been using as the virtual IP address, left over from our 5508 WLCs.  Now that browsers seem to be using to resolve to Cloudflare, ...

j656 by Beginner
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Locate RF Client in DNAC MAPs

Hi All, I'm running Version DNAC, maps have been uploaded and WLC (9800-40) added, AP's have been positioned according to survey and the heatmaps look good. In the view options section I have the below setting, however I don't seem to be see ...

Jay233 by Beginner
  • 8 replies
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help with wireless channel plan

Hello!I am having some co-channel and adjacent channel interreference issues and need help with the config to fix it.On 5GHz we have an internal and guest SSID (blue in the graph), each connecting to different VLANS. Am I correct in thinking that a s...

Messy by Beginner
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Cisco DNAC MAP (RF Calibration Methods)

Hi All, Looking at DNAC and adding RF MAP's and access points, is there any RF calibration methods available like the ones in prime? Seem to remember that in Prime/NCS you could physically send calibrated locations/linear points via a wireless client...

Jay233 by Beginner
  • 5 replies
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AP Channel Asignment

Hi,I got 3 APs which are near each other (classrooms), I wonder why the same channel is used over 3 APs ?Do my configurations look right? or do i miss something?Some APs use 20Mhz channel width even if (as you can see above) the configuration is set ...

moudar123_0-1670234365055.png moudar123_1-1670234619331.png moudar123_2-1670234903559.png
moudar123 by Beginner
  • 3 replies
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RADIUS Authentication setting issue.

HI All, I've an issue that every Sunday my WLC 2504 is turning the setting of RADIUS from port 1812 to port 53 and it causes the issue with users to authenticate. Can anyone tell me the reason and the permanent solution for this ? Thanks and Best R...

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