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I have a Cisco 5520 HA pair and want to increase the license count so that additional AP's can register.  I have an RTU license, please see the output below.  I want to know how I can increase AP count to without "breaking" (reaching the limit of)  t...

Has anyone deployed, in deployment process or planning to deploy WiFi6E with Cisco 9136 (or even MR57) ?what’s your strategy for survey, what different things you are considering ? what’s your deployment strategy since wpa3 is mandatory for wifi6E (w...

ammahend by VIP
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So I am new to WLC.  We have a DATA wifi SSID that is auth on external Win RADIUS. How do I associate new wireless clients with vlan x where our clients reside? The native vlan is xx and trunked on the switch port side. I understand that there could ...

I need to change the hostname of a 9800-80 HA pair with thousands of APs and clients connected.  Thinking about the primary and secondary wlc names configured on APs for the capwap join process, how do I gracefully change the WLC hostname?  The ip ad...

hi, I have 2 cisco 1832i Access Points. I am trying to log into the Access Point using the Default IP of via the browser. I am unable to do so, and I tried resetting the Access Point to the factory setting, not working. The ligths are bli...

csha00001 by Beginner
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Hi! So I am fairly new to the WLC game.  I have my 9800 LC controller setup and I can reach it on my VLAN setup for wireless, but would like to use the service port or OOB for management. Not the in bound. 

Hi Please see the below screenshot of ISE endpoint record for one user authentication(. The user can access internal website without any issues after connected to wifi via byod. I am just curious about why there are many records ( about 20) over ther...

1st FL.PNG
Leftz by Enthusiast
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Currently, the WLC currently has 2702 AP already joined, but the 3802 will not join the WLC.  This is a Lab setup with basic config and no security enhancement like ACLs.If someone who has worked on the 2504 or is very skilled in wireless can help me...

G3000LEE by Beginner
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Hi I have a single Cisco 3802i set up with Mobility Express. Firmware is 8.10.162 I have set up the configured country as Australia. According to the Cisco compatibility checker this access point is certified in Australia (Regulatory domain -Z which ...

as93 by Beginner
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Hello, Do we agree the session timeout enabled on a WLAN is a security feature, but should be transparent for users ? I mean it's only re-authenticating in the background and should not disconnect them ? 

MicrosoftTeams-image (11).png
Clem58 by Participant
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Hi Guys,i am having few scanner machines which are connected to SSID through WEP authentication.But now i am moving these machines to new SSID with WPA2 authentication. i have created new SSID with WPA authentcation but machines are getting time out ...

Noovi by Beginner
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