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I'm attempting to build an iPhone/iPad provisioning WLAN which will only permit select external traffic.  Specifically, I need to open TCP 80, TCP 443, UDP 123, and a handful of other ports to Apple's network.  I have a physical WLC runnin...

hotcave46 by Level 1
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Hi, I'm currently trying to setup 3 C9115AXI-Q in our office.I have set different SSID to each devices. However, once I connect 2 device together within the network, only 1 device becomes active.On top of that, the setting from device #1 is transferr...

Archer_03 by Level 1
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Greetings, I have a 5508 WLC and 3602i APs that I need to reconfigure on a "rebuilt" network, but I have no experience with Cisco wireless.  I figured it would be best to start fresh with the WLC and reconfig it operate on coming from a s...

JR20 by Level 1
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Hi, we are trying to figure out why we have so many end points as it is causing license issues and with covid there aren't nearly as many people in the office as usual so seems odd. Many thanks. Is this figure cumulative - i.e. if an endpoint connect...

Mottok by Level 1
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Dear Team;i created ACL in WLC to restrict access after web authentication use allow to access just to internet  , but unfortunately after login i can't access to any web site ,but ping to domain name for example is successful  i get the public addre...

output ping.JPG web site.JPG
Nadia Bbz by Level 1
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Hello, We're running a Catalyst 9800-CL  with older Aironet 1850 APs and the new Catalyst AP9115. After we try to disabke the older 1850's some older Clients (older notebooks with same old driver gen ~5 years) are not able to see the SSID's broadcast...

Hi all, We are using AIR-AP1852I-E-K9 APs in whole building but there is one problem.  There is particular AP in one room which is not big and coverage in the room is complete. However the problem is that the room has balcony which has very thick gla...

Hi All, I have a Cisco WLC 5520 with AVC and P2P enabled to block certain applications. My issues are a wireless client can't ping or remote desktop to another client in the same WLAN which is in the same subnet.  I suspect that the AVC or access lis...

dan hale by Level 3
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Hello everyone I have been studying Flexconnect in Cisco Wireless and I came across Flexconnect ACL.I have seen few docs and still could not understand the purpose. If someone can explain here or share some doc that will be great

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