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   I am having issues with some students not being able to authenticate to our guest network with their Chromebooks.  Everything worked fine last year but for some reason is not working now.  They will attach to the network and then they get redirect...

waters by Beginner
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Hi everyone, we have 2 wlc 5520 (in cluster) an use AIR-CAP3501I-E-K9 AP our wireless internet very slow. Have anyone faced this kind of issue? (use wired connection speed is ok and when we use 5508 befor speed was ok, too)  Thanks in advance

What is RTOS Version , Bootloader Version and Emergency Image Version ?How does it work and How can I upgrade them ? Sorry , It's a simply question but I'm just a beginner. Thanks.

Holmesz by Beginner
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I am working on a new site that requires little to no downtime. We will be Flexing the site using our HQ centralized 5520 WLCs. Should connection to both 5520s fail, I would like to use an 1832i as a Tertiary WLC in Mobility Express mode. Has anyone ...

Quiero iniciar un AP que me han dado en el trabajo pero cuando lo prendo me sale el siguiente ERROR y no puedo hacer nada/usr/sbin/capwapd: opening /click/wdog_helper/ap_monproc_capwapd failed!: No such file or directory/usr/sbin/capwapd: reading fil...

i have 5520 cisco WIFI controller and the model of AP is AP1810W , it is working fine but if any access point goes down for any reason i can't see any alarm or log on the controller to identify which AP is down just i can know that the number of regi...