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ISE with Guest CWA

Hi, from time to time I have wifi guest users in my network who will not be redirected to the /guestportal/ page on ise. This is not a problem like "there is a proxy configured on the device etc". This must be something different because client looks...

acontes by Beginner
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interference after adding a new AP

Hi, I have recently added a new AP in my office close to another AP, which are being managed by Cisco WLC. Could you please give me a brief idea about how to optimize the radio frequency or channel utilization? We've got 4 APs and two of them ar...

Resolved! wireless design options

Hi, We have centralized WLCs in datacentre to which all APs in campus associate. The VLANs in DC are different from the ones in campus (VLANs don't extend). There is a requirement in one lab (currently 2 APs) where the wireless users should be on th...

mDNS on WLC 8.0.133

We are experiencing an issue with bandwidth caused by excessive multicast/unicast traffic over UDP Port 5247 by utilizing the AP mode as multicast-unicast.  We have been told that with the version of code we are on, we can disable multicast globally,...

awatson20 by Enthusiast
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lte modem link-recovery: Explanation?

Please see my modem recovery config belowIf I change rssi onset-threshold to -60 would th modem try to automatically reconnect to the provider?Is there other way I can improve the modem link recovery setup in case of poor connections?               c...

Web Auth Bundle

Hi All I'm currently working with a Cisco 4402 WLC (version The WLC already has a customised Web Auth Bundle on the controller which contains the following files: login.html, terms.html & logo.html These files provide the display for gues...

Jim Kerr by Beginner
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Resolved! VLANs for AP and WLC

I want to configure two WLANs which will terminate on two diff vlans. So how i need to configure WLC , and AP. Please check if i am correct!!!! 1. WLC: Trunk connection to switch ? 2. AP: Trunk connection to Switch ? I heard that AP must be access m...

ittechk4u1 by Enthusiast
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OEAP and 1810 with split list

Hi all I have the following setup and problem: WLC 5508 with a public NAT'ed address with version 8.2.121 1810 AP's , primed with the WAN of the WLC, which is working very good.  I have created and own AP group with those OEAP's in and published a ...

Identify disconnected APs in Cisco 2504

Hello, I have a Cisco 2504 wireless controller with around 15 access points (2802-E-K9) connected to it. I want to know how to identify an access point which gets disconnected in case of power failure or anything. Suppose if I disconnected an access ...

internal temperature WLC 2100

The operating temperature for 2100 wireless lan controllers is up to a miximum of 40 degrees celsius according to the datasheet.We deployed some 2112 controllers all displaing a temperature above 50 degrees celsiun. This during normal operation and d...

g.rienstra by Beginner
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Lifetime for Guest User

In Mobility Express GUI, when I setup a guest user in "WLAN Users" with "Lifetime" configured as 7200 seconds, the account will be automatically deleted after 2 hours in local user database.  For example, "Device 1" is connected using this account. I...

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