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Hi All I am setting up a hosted (7.2.2)environment in my labs.I have integrated the nam with cicm successfully with the required process in an up state.I have integrated the ccm (6.1) version as a pg1a to the nam and cvp 7.0 as pg2a.On the cicm...

Hi,I have an issue with ICM Service,on Windows server some file was missing i repaired after that ICM Logger and Router services are not starting.While starting giving error message "unable to start service (Cisco ICM cci RouterA).The System cannot f...

I wanted to have two sip routes pointing to each call manager at sideA and sideBIpphones register with primary CM if the primary is down they register with secondary CM. i have two sip static routes7> (primary CM)7> (secondra...

Hello,I am having trouble with enabling the VOIP monitoring on IPCC express 3.5(2).VOIPMON service just starts fine and runs and I can see the packets on SPAN NIC. But when I try to monitor the agents from SUP desktop, I get an error message "voip mo...

murali by Beginner
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Actually we are using CTI Toolkit for Agent Login.i have created some outbound campaigns.they are working fine but the problem is i want to show some details like customers account no and Expiry Date on CTI toolkit. These details allready available i...

Hello everyone ! Hope all is well !!I having an issue with CAD, for some reason the information under Field and Data in CAD is gone. Has anyone run into this issue ? Any help is highly appreciated !!!I am running IPCC enterprise 6.0 with CAD 6.0 and ...

dtran by Frequent Contributor
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