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Hello,  I am trying to send a prompt file thru a rest API (json).  The problem is that I am not able to find the good path for the prompt file in the folder and put it in a string.   I know that my restApi is working good, because when I enter an ext...

Hi there,On UCCX 12 Premium, I'm having trouble establishing sendmail (SMPT).My customer has switched the SMTP encryption technique to STARTTLS and the SMTP port to 587 as part of a mail service migration. I attempted to go through the documentation ...

nganvt by Beginner
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Hello, CUIC server taking a long time to finish the upgrade process, around 5 hours.  I performed the switch version 5 hours ago and nothing yet.  We believe it is normal behavior, right? How can I validate that please?  thanks    

jeancl by Beginner
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