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Hello for all, I am trying to simulate the Call Manager version 8.5 creating a new virtual machine with OS: "RedHat Linux 5" and ISO "CUCM recovery disk.iso" but I think that is not valid the ISO. I attach the issue. Thanks in advance!

I have only had success with a BT 80D bellset.  This bell is 1 REN, but only achieves 80DB.I am trying other bells such as the Hoseiden Bedlam Tonecaller, which is 105db, but requires 1.5REN - but I cannot get it to ring.Has anyone else experienced t...

abentley1 by Beginner
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I can't see how to dial a SIP URI on a 8941 with the SIP protocol stack. The documentation for the 8941 handset says it supports SIP URI dialing in both SIP & SCCP. Yet I've found BugID CSCuu84243 which kind of suggests that these phones don't supp...

I have (2) 7915 modules attached to a 7962 base.  The 7915 modules started to go into a rebooting loop.  They just keep rebooting.  We have powered off the base and modules then re powered them up but the issue continues. Looking for suggestions. tha...

rdobbins by Beginner
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