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Resolved! Jabber users

Hi, we are using CUCM version 10.5.2 and J4W.   Is there any way to find out how many users have logged in through Jabber?   Secondly,can we forcibly logout Jabber user  from Call manager?   Please advise.   regds, aman

Aman Soi by VIP Alumni
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Hi,We are trying to get the call from PSTN to UCCX via CUCM but not able to achieve.The call flow looks like this:PSTN--->CUBE--->CUCM-->UCCXI have tried wtih SIP trunk between CUBE-CUCM and H323 trunk as well. Tried with MTP checked and without MTP ...

can someone help me please to configure an access form the ip phone ( CUCM ( to the PSTN CUCM h323 ----------- (H323 gateway ) FXO PORT 0/0/0 -----------------------PSTN                                                CISCO 2921        ...

Hello. After the reset of Cisco ATA 186 the first line doesn't register in auto mode. in the same time the second line is working correctly and it's register in auto mode and get a autonumber. I don't know why it's so. Can anybody help?

rusfatman by Beginner
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Hello. Gateway router 2911 have got e1 to pstn, 4fxs module and sip connection to internal voice network. Problem is that its unable to make outgoing calls from analog telephones, connected to fxs ports in any directions. After dialing first digit go...

Hi All, I am having difficulty to change the SQL sa Password on my Att console enterprise edition. When I am running SqlCfgChange.bat it gives me an error : <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><configuration>    <appSettings>        <add key="Sho...