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Hello, I have my cucm in a latin america place, but the issue I have is some phones when they dial a wrong number they get the announcement "Your call can not be completed as dial" and i have other phones in the same site same configuration but the a...

Resolved! CUCM 10.5 Call Forwad All

Hi,this is my question. Cisco IP phone A is calling phone B.B is set to CFA to PSTNNow I can see that the call to PSTN choose "A" Gateway rather then "B".Do you know how to configure that the call should choose "B" CFA CCS that is "B" Gateway rather ...

Corporate Directory Ordering

We have recently upgraded to CUCM 10.0. Since then when searching the corporate directory on the phones the listings are not in alphabetical order. Please note that due to some issues we are not able to use LDAP integration. Is there are way to chang...

Mix Mode Security Cluster

So we have a cluster of 6 servers, all in mix mode. One of the servers went into read only mode and we had to re-install the server.What is the best procedure in this case to re install the subscriber considering that this server was in mix mode ?Rig...


Hello. I´am trying to configure SRST/CME mode on a 2901 ISR, The customer only has SIP Phones (7841). calls out to the PSTN are going well without any problems.The problem that I have with incoming calls when the CUCM works this is diverted to Cisco ...

Resolved! Configuring forced authorization access code

Hi, I'm trying to configure fac but it doesn't work. See my configuration below: voice register pool  120 pin 1234 lpcor type local lpcor incoming TRUNK busy-trigger-per-button 2 id mac E0D1.73E4.2AFD type 7841 number 1 dn 120 cor incoming local-outs...

DSP Warning

Hello,We are using a 2811 Router for CME, and i have this DSP Warning DSPs1,  in slot 0 are using non-default firmware from flash:This is not recommended, the default version is 23.8.1 IOS:c2800nm-adventerprisek9_ivs-mz.124-22.YB8.biInbound calls are...

CME question

Hi, Can Cisco CME to act as the DSP farm host for MTP resource?I know it's OK for transcode and conference resource. But It's not successful with MTP resource.===============SiteB#sh sccpSCCP Admin State: UPGateway IP Address:, Port Number...

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