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Calling out from cisco ip phone to a wireless caller; goes busy instead of voicemail box

So this is an odd one... An employee is trying to call out to another employee's cell phone from a Cisco IP Phone, most of the time they don't answer and would have to leave a voicemail but this one particular employee's IP phone is having an issue w...

LeeWay by Beginner
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Phone latency

I'm having an issue where calls to our VoIP phones are not ringing simultaneously like they used to.  We have 4 phones in the office and all 4 phones have all 4 lines.  Before if a call were to come in it would ring all of our phones at the same time...

Cisco 7800 series URI list

Hi, I worked for years with Snom and created a kinda nice provisioning system with all features customers wanted with operator panel and call park. Well doesn't matter really. I just need to know if there is a list of URI commands to send to webapp o...

quastor by Beginner
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Alternative to uccx TAPS

I've previously used UCCX Taps, cisco auto reg tool in uccx to deploy handset years ago when cisco gave away 5 x uccx ports with ccm. We have a lot of deployments where company merges with other companies so having to obtain the Mac, models of phones...

iptuser55 by Frequent Contributor
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Conferencing on my CUCM stopped working.  When I call someone and have them on the line, I hit the conference button and dial the 3rd party. After they answer I try to conference them back in and I'm getting "unable to setup conference"  was working ...

CUCM - Conference Now, unable to enter conference now with a specific meeting number.

Hi, I'm having an issue with a specific meeting number in the Conference Now feature.Once I dial the Conference Now IVR Directory Number, I reach the IVR, the IVR then asks for the meeting number I put the required meeting number which is "629" and t...