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Hi,I need some clarifications regarding media resources. when we add hardware media resources in gateway we define below profiles. Whats the max session do in trancoding profile, in conference and in mtp profiles.dspfarm profile 2 transcode codec g71...

techguy by Enthusiast
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Hi,I have a intersite trunk configre with 4 digit prefix - 6XXX. The other site change location and have to use a new prefix of 18XXX but the server IP is still the same. I change the route pattern to my their number 18XXX and the siginifcant digit f...

hokokshun by Beginner
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Hi, Was wondering if anyone has some ideas regarding my problem. I am having some issues making the CUCM to properly generate up-to-date CDR reports for the Proteus. It looks like it's always sending the reports from two days ago and not the latest o...

The ATA-186 (SCCP software) shows an annoying behaviour, when the remote phone is hung up: it produces some sort of a busy tone. But every eight pulse is longer than the others and the pause between the beeps is too short. In addition after a few sec...

cgartmann by Beginner
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Hello everyone!I am currently having some issues setting up BLF Speed Dial indicator on 7.1... The speed dial works, and Phone A shows when Phone B is off hook, but the lamp does not light up.I have checked the CSS and all appears accurate.  Any sugg...

One of my ip phone activate the speaker phone by itself. I can place call and receive but when I am not using the phone after a while the speaker button green up and you hear the dial tone. I reset the phone many times and factory reset it. Any idea ...

fsosa1971 by Beginner
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Is there any way to backup the AA Prompts that we recorded from a UC540?  I have to build one from scratch and would like to have to prompts instead of re-recording. I know you can log into CUE and download them from a UC560, but I do not see that op...

J W by Beginner
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