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Hello All,My environment is :a. CUCM 10.5b. CP-8861 phonesc. sip88xx.12-8-1-0001-455 d. Mobile Connect  Configured for users with remote destination Mobile Connect, Phones etc. all are working great. My issue is "all call" logging. If Mobile Connecti...

gocowjazz by Beginner
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Hi to all,i want to set up a voip phone for home use. This is the design of my home network:I have a cisco catalyst switch with voice vlan configured on it, this extends on the router (cisco 1941) which correctly let the phone get an address via dhcp...

someother by Beginner
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I'm trying to setup a 3pcc phone with a local asterisk server (controlled by freepbx). Things seem to be working, but my log is full of bad event errors from the phone: <--- SIP read from UDP:10.x.x.x:5060 --->38679 SUBSCRIBE sip:201@freepbx.this:516...

ebPhones by Beginner
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Dear girls, guys. I use two Astra 6757i phones as clients for calling with the Czech SIP provider called Odorik . I wanted to change both of this phones, so I have bought the older phones Cisco CP-8941. I expected, that i will just set the www addres...

Dear good afternoon,I have a problem, we recently got a SIP service from a provider.Make the configurations in my Gateway cisco 2911 (configuration attached) I see in the debug Reason: Q.850; cause = 38.Attachment debuggingCould you help me to see if...

lisandro by Beginner
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Hi there community!. I have an IP-Phone 7861 and we would like to change the language to spanish, but we are not able. I've been googling and everybody says that it only can be downloaded and configured through CUCM or Call Manager, but I don't have ...

Hello Everyone. Hoping to get some answers on this behavior. must be something simple.  When i send call to CUCM in below format i get 404 not found from CUCM to Incoming CUBE.INVITE sip:1400@subscriber.abc.net SIP/2.0To: <sip:1400@subscriber.abc.net...

DJ2018 by Beginner
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