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Hi All,I have a task to do with VOIP, but generally have no idea on how to accomplish it. So here is the scenario.We have 3 sites, all running on thier own Panasonic PBX systemSite A : extension start with 1xxSite B: extension start with 2xxSite C : ...

At Thu Sep 22 13:40:08 EST 2011 on node X.X.X.X, the following SyslogSeverityMatchFound events generated: SeverityMatch : AlertMatchedEvent : Sep 22 13:40:04 CUCMHOSTNAME syslog 1 nbslogpd[8228]: 33 messages were dropped  AppID : Cisco Syslog AgentCl...

pbosio by Level 1
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Dear Friends,we have incresaed the DID range for the PRI circuit we already have, when we dial any number in the new DID block, we get an error message, stating call cannot be completed as dialed, the issue is that the voice gateway is maintained by ...

Resolved! CUEAC-Prem

HiI am just planning the setup for CUEAC v9 Premium edition. on the design guide its says each server creates its own device groups, CTI ports, RP etcdoes that mean if I use range 5000-5099 on the publisher it will use 6000-6099 on the sub?thanks

Ian Jones by Level 1
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I recently purchased cisco 2901 router and installe CME 8.6. I already have VIC2-2BRI-NT/TE card installed in the cisco 2611XM router. The 2611XM router will be repalced with 2901 router.But cisco 2901 did not detected the VIC2-2BRI-NT/TE card. The I...

mehmoodch by Level 1
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Hi Everyone,       I wanted to ask if QoS is required on a PRI circuit?  the scenario is that SIP will be coming to the building but, it will be converted to PRI. therefore, it will not be on our MPLS cloud.   Therefore, i am trying to find a definit...