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Hey there, Setting: 2 phones (7962's) connected to POE switch (3750) which has a link to 2911 running SIP CME 9.0...State: Both phones register perfectly with newest SIP code.Condition: 1 out of every 3 call's from either phone to the other fails... ...

I am encountering an odd error on the Cisco IP Communicators for a few employees, mostly with new Lenovo computers. Everything for the NTP serveres (on site) and the time zone settings on the laptopns are accurate. The laptop time, NTP time, and the ...

mbarlow by Level 1
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Hi,guys!     I need to split my cluster into 2 clusters.The old cluster has more than 20,000 phones,after spliting,the new cluster will handle 2,000 phones.     So I need to migrate the phone data in the next few days.What would consider the most Con...

i installed cisco operation manager 2.0.3 with service monitor , the devices was added to DCR hence operation manager ,i cant see the network topology diagram in service level view page although i can see the devices in the same page