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Hi.         I need to configure route pattern in CUCM 8.0 in INDIA. Can any body tell me the route pattern for STD calls, International calls. And one thing is also what I need to configure to PRI to make outside calls. I have added the gateway to CU...

I`ve configured MVA as belowPABX, PSTN >>>>H323G>>>>>>>>>>>>CUCM7.0I  have it woring using the Mobile Connect with RDP all wokring - dial in via the PABX to an IPT handset1 on CUCM 7.0 the call then rings the IPT device and then rings my RDP. I`ve no...

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Hi .I have CME 8.6 on 2811 , the phone is mix 7970 - 7911 - 7965 my question about phone firmware I have 9.1.1 it's recommended to keep upgrade to the latest firmware for example now the version is 9.3 ? Or have version stable and other have some pr...

Hello Friends,I am having trouble to configure my CME router to work with a NGN number that the carrier provided me to use.See dial-peer below:CME_ISRG2#show run | begin dial-peerdial-peer voice 1 pots service stcapp port 0/0/0!dial-peer voice 2 pots...