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Is there any way in the Cisco gateways to have the SIP engine only send INVITEs if it matches an extension exactly (e.g., if I have extension 123 and someone dials extension 1234 which does not exist, I do not want extension 123 to ring).  I am also ...

We have 2 x MCS7825H2-K9-CMA2 running Call Manager 6.1 and are trying to find applicable EOL documentation.This EOL document is for 6.1 but doesnt reference our hardware.http://www.cisco.com/en/US/prod/voicesw/ps6788/vcallcon/ps556/end_of_life_notice...

dears,any one can help, i have these config in my translation rulesincoming calls are working when i dial 2837555 from outside , but some are saying that when they call from certain numbers the number 2837555 it will be busy.                   !voice...

Does anyone know the file name that is populated in the "Load Information" field on the Device Defaults page of CUCM 7.1.5 for an 8945 SCCP phone for firmeware cmterm-8941_8945-sccp.9-3-1-19.cop.sgn?joe.