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Team, I am learning SIP. Please consider my doubts. From the below debug What is the significance of content length. What is the meaning if content length is 0 ? Is CUbe act as a proxy server here? And CUCM will do the functon of a registrr serve...

I have a large number of Cube routers running 15.1.x.  They connect have a SIP trunk to our ITSP.  I'm trying to find a way to monitor that SIP trunk.  Documentation/posts I've found reference "show sip-ua register status".  However that returns noth...

Hello All, I have a problem and have tried lots of config but not getting the call to show the internal number when forwarding out.  The forum point in the right direction but when running the debug the local number is not sent thus getting a 'number...

Hello everyone, I have two sites that have Be6k and router. One of the sites is working and operating already for 2+ years now.The router has T1/E1 serial card installed and configured with information below interface Serial0/3/0:23no ip addressencap...

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