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   Hi. Could anyone help me? How Can I secure Auto Reassertion in CUCM 5.1, everyone who installs IP communicator in our company can register to system , Can I block  IP addresses on firewall or Call Manager? or can I block exact Phones by Mac addres...

baxta2712 by Beginner
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Hi Please let me know how to enable option to listen to the call using both headset and handset at the same time in Cisco 7942. I am able to do the same in few cisco 7942 phones but not in other few. Not sure what is to be enabled to have this option...

sugandh85 by Beginner
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IOS 15.0(1r)M9Phone firmware is SCCP42.9-1-1SR1SI call from somewhere to 720when i press gpickup on 753 and type 505 - the call is pickupedwhei i press pickup on 753 nothing happensephone-dn  20  dual-linenumber 720pickup-group 505ephone-dn  53  dual...

Hi Expert,I have a small situation, I have a PSTN line (1234567) connected to my FXO port, and PLAR configured on it, so that when the 1234567 is dial from outside, it will automatically be routed to extension 111, it works prettly well, but my clien...

I have a DN that appears on both a VG224 using the SCCP protocol and a 7945 IP Phone. The Maximun Number of Calls and Busy trigger for the DN on the 7945 is 4/2 and for the VG224 is 2/1. If the line on the 7945 is busy, should the DN on the VG224 get...