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Time in callmanager 6

hai all,How to set time in callmanager...I created ntp server and ntp is accessible to callmanger, but still time in callmanger is not correctIn phones and in gateway(ntp server) time is correctDo I need to change the time in BIOSvoice experts please...

Multicast RTP to 7960G

Hello all,is <CiscoIPPhoneExecute><ExecuteItem Priority="0" URL="RTPMRx:"/></CiscoIPPhoneExecute> enough to make cisco 7960 join a multicast group and play the audio. it is working on 7970 i'm JMF to stream wav file and it work fine bu...

Can a Call Disconnection cause Q.850, can made a call not considered to be billed?

There are some valid/good (answered) calls (Connect and realese signals sent/received), with duration, that have disconnect cause 27  (destination out of order) (H323 Protocol)…·         How can that be explained?·         What is the real purpose an...

e.rodrigu by Beginner
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Caller ID shows number,name only after phone is answered. Any way to show name prior to answering? V7.1.3 Call Manager

Hi, I've recently taken over support of a 7.1.3 Call Manager. I have my PRIs terminating into a 2800 series router. When a call comes into desk phones the caller-id number is displayed correctly but the caller-id name does not display until after the...

Stange Call Park Issue

Hi Guys,I'm running Call manager and I'm having a stange cal lpark issue.When I make an outgoing call from a phone, I can park it no problem.  However when I receive an incoming call, I am unable to park it, the phone says no call park n...

Resolved! VOIP

I am looking at getting some starter equipment to learn how to setup and configure VOIP at home.Currently  I have a Cisco 3660, just two ethernet ports, an Cisco 2900XL switch  and a Cisco 2600 router that is not in use right now.  I also have a ASA ...