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I have seen most of the times engineers would prefer to go with HP series instead of IBM. I have read docs, but don't see much differences between them. Is there any good reason to choose HP over IBM. Just curious

abbas.ali by Level 1
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We are running Call Manger 413 sr3a. I can log into the Publisher Directory Manager account just fine. Then when going to any sub I get the error that I am unable to login. I also am getting various Application Events on the publisher with reference ...

wrightmp by Level 1
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Some user have said that when they try and call unity they get a busy tone. Which report can I run to show how often all the ports are being used?also which report will show me how many messages a subscriber has been left and from which DNs the messa...

jamjam200 by Level 1
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I have a production 2851 gateway with call manager 4.2.3. I have added a vic2-2fxs card to one of the slots, 0/2/0, and have done the "update / reset gateway" through ccm, and the "no mgcp / mgcp" commands on the router. However, the card does not ...

Hello all,This is driving me nuts! System is a 3825, 12.4(9)T1, CME 4.0. My innternational dial-peer is as follows:dial-peer voice 9011 pots description International dialing destination-pattern 9011T port 0/0/0:1 prefix 011As soon as I hit the "0"...

I have Unity 4.1 Exchange 2003. The problem that I'm having is that MWI lights are not coming on. I receive a voice mail in my email but the phones do not light. If I do a refresh status the phone will then receive the proper MWI action. The way ...

Folks, I have ccm4.1(3) is it possible to foward a call to my cell phone if i am not at my desk without hitting the call forward all button, I am looking for something like follow me feature in which if my desk phone does not answer, the phon...