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Do calls that DeQueue (Persay when I send them to voicemail during a RAN, I dequeue them so that they can be peg counted) affect my service level?So does a call that waits 5 minutes and then choses to goto voicemail and be dequeued affect the service...

I have 7960 agent phones each setup with a single ICD extension and a single personal non-ICD extension.Is there a requirement that the ICD extension must be the first line appearance on the Phone? i.e. assigned to the first button on the Phone. In o...

teid by Level 1
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Hi, I am writing a script based on the call flow attached and need to check if a queue specific message exits,if present play the message or else continue with the default messages.Also if the wait time in the queue is more than 90 seconds,the cal...

jagadishs by Level 1
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HelloIn IPCC Express 3.0,Is there a way to block the agents from changing their status and giving control only to the Supervisor to be able to change the agent status to Ready/Not Ready.Any suggestion would help.Thanks Anu

anupama78 by Level 1
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Is there a way to get the real time reports displaying caller id of calls have just been abandoned?It seems like a session step might do this. Or call contact?Also is there a way to send an email when a contact has just abandoned the call?

bphelps by Level 2
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