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UCCX Soap Request

Hi,I am trying to get UCCX to contact a SOAP web service so that I can make routing decisions based on the SOAP response.  But as I have virtually no experience with SOAP/XML I am struggling a bit.below is the SOAP command that I am trying to send to...

dsemmler by Enthusiast
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UCCE Housting

  Dearshow to setup multiple customers using IPCC Enterprise suite in away that every customer should have his own reporting and system management, with limited servers infrastructure. and what is the setup will be in regard to:AWHDSROUTERLOGGERCVPCC...

asimmakki by Beginner
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I have a customer that is asking if they can get a report in CUIC that shows customer use of their IVR (ip-ivr).eg: How many people hit the IVR/DID, How many people pressed each option offered in the IVR.In the documentation I found it looked like re...

Resolved! CUIC version 9.2 Server requirements

I am trying to find the server requirements to set up CUIC in a Developer lab. I bought the license but not sure what the requirements are for VM server to run it.  I am guessing 6 gig of Mem and 250 storage?Thanks for any help!

CVP Studio mediaserver faiover

 For microapps I simply use ip host mediaserver = CVP1 IP and ip host mediaserver-backup = CVP2 IP and set media_server var = "mediaserver" and RunExtScript failsover and sue the backup mediaserver in case of an issue.But for CVP Studio Projects, I s...

UCCx and MS Exchange 2013

Does Cisco have a roadmap for support of MS Exchange 2013 across  UCCx 9.x and related collaboration products.Specifically when can we expect support / compatibility for UCCx 9.x email queueing?Social minor 9.x support?IM/Presence 9. x support?Unity ...

brbrewer by Beginner
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