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Resolved! Prioritising Some numbers on queue

hi peoplewe are running call center and using call manager 8.5 with UCCX 8.5, we have some critical customers who want to attend there without waiting in the queue, please help me out and give me good suggestion to prioritize some numbers so they wou...

Resolved! character <enter> in script

Hi,I am developing a CCX 8.5 premium script and  I need to add a "new line" character in a string variable and  then to save this info inside a xlm file but so far i have not  made it. I have tried with \n\r but not, whole string value stays in the s...

CAD error

I have a prodcution contact center, everything runnning well but on thing. When I use cisco agent desktop, the "show/hide contact managemnt" button doesn't work. That is to say, before and after I click this button, the screen is same, the contact co...

mingl by Beginner
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Resolved! UCCX 8.0 HA Deployment Type

All,I am testing UCCX 8.0 PRE HA and have the following questions about HA deployment Type.Before UCCX 8.0, UCCX only supports HA on the same Campus LAN, i.e. two servers should be in the same subnet. UCCX 8 now supports HA over WAN. From UCCX 8.0 SR...

wenqianyu by Participant
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Resolved! Abandoned Call Rings on Agent Phone

Hello,I have a strange situation reported by a supervisor that, abandoned call keep rings on agent phones and when one of the agents answers the call she hears busy tone.To reproduce this issue, we made some test calls and hung up the call just befor...

Sami Ahmad by Beginner
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Adjusting abandoned call timer

I have a customer that wants to see abandoned calls in the reports only if someone disconnects after 20 seconds.  Whether it is at the Application level or the CSQ level.  I think the default is set to 10 seconds?  Not sure if there is some place I c...

cmbomba by Beginner
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Hi guys, We are experincing this problem with one of our supervisor if she logs in into one of our test with CSD it does not load her agents. But if she login into her own machine or any other, everything  works fine . We thought it was a Java issue ...

Resolved! Label on Script ICM

HiSomeone knows, How to configure into the script ICM a node to dial a number or extension? In theory with a label node, but how to make the configurationThanks

ivancurtis by Beginner
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Creating a Holiday Script in UCCX

I have found a script and feel comforatble incorporating it into my existing script to read a holiday.xml file which will reside on the ccx server which according to the documentation that I have found should be placed in the  /var/temp directory on ...